Arnold Miller Promotions has produced custom-designed coloring books for tourist attractions and industries for over 20 years. We have designed custom coloring books for Rock City (tour of park), DollyWood (tour of park and a storybook coloring book), Tennessee Valley Authority (Water Safety Activity Book), Bowater (tour of the papermaking process), and many more.

Several years ago we developed a coloring book for electric power companies and electrical safety. The Electric Power Company Coloring Book was designed to help utility companies provide children an understanding of how electricity gets to their homes and how to use it safely.

The book is a natural for children and leaves a favorable impression with adults. The book has been widely distributed to students from Alaska to Maine. The Electric Power Company Coloring Bookmay well be the most effective public relations literature your power company will ever distribute.

The Electric Power Company Coloring Book is a
• wonderful gift to give schools or teachers
• unique educational tool, including a glossary of electrical terms
• gift that promotes your company to the public
• gift that promotes safety and understanding of utility workers

Teachers love it because it is fun and educational. Each book features a glossary of terms, a hidden light bulb on each page for the children to discover, a detailed explanation of how electricity gets to their home, and tips about how to use electricity safely.

The standard Electric Power Company Coloring Book ranges in price from $1.25 to $.80 per book. In an effort to attract smaller utility companies to the Electric Power Company Coloring Book, we are pleased to offer the Electric Power Company Coloring Book for only $1.25 per book with a minimum order of only 25 books. Call us for more information.